Each person has unique nutritional needs depending on their nutritional status, cancer diagnosis, and cancer treatment. Working with an oncology registered dietitian, a nutrition plan that is specific to your needs can be developed. Searching the internet or taking nutritional advice from non-professionals, can lead you down a path that is not appropriate for your needs.

Backed by Evidence

Good nutrition during cancer treatment is just as important as the cancer treatment itself. The nutritional goals during cancer treatment are to maintain or achieve a healthy weight, to prevent or improve nutritional status if undernourished, to maintain lean muscle mass, and to provide optimal quality of life. According to the American Cancer Society, “studies confirm the benefit of dietary counseling during cancer treatment for improving outcomes, such as fewer treatment-related symptoms, improved quality of life, and improved dietary intake.”

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Oncology Dietitian

Kelly Nelson

After Kelly chose oncology as her area of interest in her internship, she has had the privilege to work in the specialty of oncology for 28 years. Certified as a Specialist in Oncology Nutrition, Kelly continues to keep her knowledge of oncology and nutrition current. Working in both pediatric and adult oncology, she has assisted hundreds of people receiving chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or bone marrow transplants improve their nutritional status. Developing a good rapport with her patients, Kelly designs individual nutrition plans to meet their needs. Identification and treatment of malnutrition has been an area of focus in her career and has completed training on the Nutrition Focused Physical Exam offered by the Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition.

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