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Information for Cancer Patients & Healthcare Providers

4CancerWellness only offers fully vetted and researched products, services and information, relying solely on evidence based medicine. 4CancerWellness strongly values randomized controlled trials and meta-analysis with observational research viewed with a skepticism given research bias.

We guarantee all products, services and information have been thoroughly vetted and follow the tightly regulated RAV policy (research and vetting policy), requiring approval by the RAV committee.

Did you know there are many different professional healthcare organizations that make recommendations about lifestyle related to cancer?

Organization Abbreviation Website
American Academy of Dermatology Association AADA
American Academy of Family Practice AAFP
American Cancer Society ACS
American College of Sports Medicine ACSM
Association of Community Cancer Centers ACCC
American Institute for Cancer Research AICR
American Psychosocial Oncology Society APOS
American Society on Clinical Oncology ASCO
Center for Disease Control CDC
Dietary Guidelines for Americans DGA
National Cancer Institute NCI
National Comprehensive Cancer Network-patient guidelines NCCN
Spiritual Care Association SCA
United States Preventive Service Task Force USPSTF
World Cancer Research Fund WCRF/AICR

Who is 4CancerWellness for?

4CancerWellness is dedicated to individuals recently or in the past diagnosed with non-invasive or invasive cancer, as well as their caregivers involved in their care as well as individuals at risk of cancer. We appreciate most individuals who utilize 4CancerWellness are active or recent cancer patients. All offerings of 4CancerWellness must first meet the goal of helping cancer patients to feel or do better (improve outcomes) during or after cancer treatments.

A critical priority is only offering safe, holistic, all natural, necessary supplements to individuals undergoing cancer treatments, addressing both unique nutritional deficiencies of cancer patients as well mitigating toxicities and symptoms or experiencing fatigue from the diagnosis of cancer, current or past cancer treatments. The most important aspects of this policy is being honest to our mission and establishing trust by first patients and family; then cancer centers, their providers and staff.

Safe, All-Natural Supplements

All supplements and multivitamins have been formulated by our cancer experts and then required to follow the stringent RAV criteria before being approved by our RAV committee. All products offered by 4CancerWellness have been analyzed, requiring a comprehensive reference list of peer reviewed articles and research studies, addressing medication interaction that applies to all ingredients and cancer drug therapies. (see the most relevant references listed below as examples of few of articles and studies utilized in the formulation of our products)

The first product formulated was SafeVite, as daily multivitamin and was followed by a number of 4CancerWellness supplements that are holistic, all natural. We required these products to be affordable with evidence based ingredients supported by randomized controlled trial data. A very important mantra is to avoid any ingredient that is known to interfere with certain cancer treatments. It is best to avoid certain vitamins or supplements during radiation therapy or chemotherapy, while confirming these same vitamins have not confirmed cancer prevention or improved survivor even when not on cancer treatments. This same priorities extend to targeted treatments and likely immunotherapy where potential drug interference exists.

Certain references note specific vitamin deficiencies are unique to many cancer patients and that these deficiencies likely prevent or reduce the risk of some cancers as well as mitigate the side effects or certain cancer treatments. Conversely certain vitamin levels are elevated in some cancers, such as calcium in patients with bone metastasis or with increased PTH related protein, and therefore best to simply avoid in majority of cancer patients. On the other hand, when taking a bisphosphonate or RANK ligand, physicians and providers routinely prescribe calcium with vitamin D unless contraindicated. Certain vitamins address cancer treatment related toxicities such as bone fracture risk, nausea, energy and pain needs (to list a few examples to the many known treatment related toxicities).

The use of vitamins is extremely prevalent in our patient population and these patients expect that in addition to directing their cancer treatments and surgery, we should convey and offer what is most appropriate. Otherwise they are on their own when it comes to often expensive supplements and alternative choices. Fortunately 4CancerWellness recognized that cancer physicians, providers and nurses are often too busy to fully address these issues, but here at 4CancerWellness we have researched and vetted our products, requiring only affordable appropriate holistic and all natural vitamins and supplements. In addition we have concurrently developed a personalized wellness program that focuses on our 4 cornerstones of activity, nutrition, mindset and other support. We recognize our supplements are augmented by our Wellness Program and would suggest you consider this program to truly support your fight against cancer in a holistic manner, using our researched and vetted, evidence based offerings.

Furthermore, ongoing research studies of our supplements and vitamins is ongoing, including a clinical trial the focuses on optimization of our personalized Wellness Program. See below.

The following is a list of 4CancerWellness references considered most relevant in formulating the 4CancerWellness products and multivitamin, as provided on this website. For a complete list of our hundreds of references please contact [email protected].

Important Points:

  • Avoid vitamins resulting in potentially negative outcomes with curative chemotherapy or radiation treatments as well as negative interactions with cancer treatments
  • Provide vitamins that address risk of deficiency symptoms and potentially protect against certain cancers
  • Limit calcium supplements given serious risks with high calcium levels patients lifetime except in select patients that need Calcium (Note for those patients our specific 4Bone product)
  • Generally use vitamins at doses near recommended daily allowance, noting a few important exceptions. Example is B12 that typically results from lack of intrinsic factor, thus requiring high doses to achieve higher B12 levels thru passive absorption
  • Another example is limiting B6 supplements to levels not associated with causing neuropathy

Important Points:

  • Calcium levels vary significantly in the majority of cancer patients and best to use these supplements under the direction of a healthcare provider/oncologist/family doctor. Note that calcium is important for the strength of your bones or when on certain medications, and consuming milk may not be adequate.
  • When taking Calcium, best to take during a meal and if taking more than one tablet daily, recommend taking it at different times, meaning not all at one time during the day. How many tablets/capsule depends on specific circumstances – ask your Doctor.

Important Points:

  • Given risks of narcotics as well as NSAID’s, consider the combination of Curcumin and Boswellia that was considered more effective with less bleeding risk than NSAID’s (Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, Naprosyn, Aleve as examples)
  • Note Ginger has also been successfully used for pain relief
  • If bleeding problems, discontinue the 4Pain product or any product know to cause bleeding concerns and seek medical advice

Important Points:

  • Chemotherapy definitely causes dental caries and the use of Xylitol is confirmed to successfully address this without affecting benefits from chemotherapy or radiation

Feel better and do better, today.