Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Confused or frustrated? Scared or alone? We are here to help you better understand what is happening in your cancer journey and support you along the way. We are your trusted resource, providing you with vetted, evidence-based information regarding cancer diagnoses, treatments, side effects, and available supportive resources. Support includes cancer wellness education, learning how to navigate and maximize your healthcare system, and getting connected to a community of other cancer fighters.

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Oncology Nurse

Beth Delaney

Beth loves to help people, especially people with a cancer diagnosis and their significant others. As an advanced practice nurse for over 30 years, she has been blessed to have had a front row seat at the many advances in the world of oncology. She is dedicated to taking her experience in the inpatient, outpatient, and academic oncology settings to see how oncology health care professionals can add purposeful, consistent and evidence-based interventions in an effort to help cancer patients feel better using holistic health and wellness strategies. Beth is committed to creating spaces where innovations in this area are encouraged, vetted and easily provided to healthcare providers, people with a cancer diagnosis and those who love them.

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