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Live Interview on Local 12 Cincinnati with 4CW Team!

What's Happening in Health: 4CancerWellness Interview on Local 12 Cincinnati

Excited and honoured to be on the Sunday morning health show with Liz Bonis!

What’s Happening in Health: April 30, 2023

“Cincinnati (WKRC) – Liz Bonis hosts stories on local health breakthroughs and other solutions; interviews with doctors and patients; ways to stay or get healthy.”

Click here to watch the segment. Skip to minute 22 and minute 27:52 to watch the interview with 4CancerWellness’ Dr. John Halushack (Founder), Beth Delaney (Chief Nursing Officer & Vice President of Supportive Services), and Dr. Satheesh Kathula (Founder).

4CancerWellness launching pilot program with personalized wellness and holistic approach

“If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, a national pilot program that offers holistic care may help provide some additional support.

It pairs lifestyle changes and proper nutrition with traditional treatment.

4CancerWellness is an online and in-person team of cancer specialists based in Ohio who offer personal coaching to those whose lives have been affected by cancer.”

Click here to continue reading and watch another TV segment with Liz Bonis of Local 12 Cincinnati.