Dedicated to research studies & clinical trials.

All products, services and information must be approved by the 4CancerWellness research and vetting committee (RAV).  In addition the extensive reference material is prioritized based on level of evidence, in order to require evidence based recommendations while additionally requiring all products to be of the highest quality, all-natural and holistic.

Additionally we conduct clinical trials at 4CancerWellness in order to assess benefits and tolerance of products offered in the Wellness Shop. Lastly we have a research study assessing the value and benefits of the Wellness Program while also addressing more challenging aspects of our Program. Our mission – to help cancer patients feel and do better during and after treatment by using evidence based but holistic methods.

Upcoming Clinical Trials


Evaluating Impact of a 4CancerWellness Program by comparing individuals able to follow 4CancerWellness’s personalized Wellness Program to those choosing to not participate (Observational Trial)


Phase III trial of SafeVite, a daily multivitamin developed to not interfere with cancer treatments vs placebo for patients during and after adjuvant treatment for colorectal, breast, or lung cancers or definitive concurrent chemotherapy/radiation treatments for both lung and head and neck cancers (Randomized Controlled Trial)


Phase III trial of grade 1-2 neuropathy during or after cancer treatment, attributed in part to chemotherapy treatments of a supplement for cancer patients vs placebo (Randomized Controlled Trial)


Phase III trial of 4Nausea for patients receiving low and intermediate nausea risk chemotherapy in addition to prescribed antiemetics, using a Ginger and Vitamin B6 based supplement vs placebo (Randomized Controlled Trial)


Phase III trial of 4Energy, a supplement developed to not interfere with cancer treatments vs placebo for cancer patient having fatigue FAS > 2.0 (Randomized Controlled Trial)


Randomized but Non-Blinded Trial  that evaluates the effect on TSH levels while on immunotherapy for those using the 4Hair supplement vs placebo. Note for those developing high TSH levels the 4Hair supplement will be held and resumed only if the TSH levels normalizes (Randomized Non-Blinded Trial)


Preventing Breast Cancer in peri-menopausal or postmenopausal women  with family history of hormone positive breast cancer without high risk genetics (like BRCA1,BRCA2 ) with either cycled hormone manipulation (investigational) or continuous aromatase inhibitor based risk reduction (current standard of care if electing a risk reduction agent) +/- healthy lifestyle changes, compared with individuals preferring a healthy cancer prevention lifestyle changes only (no risk reduction agents). Includes in this later group, if desired, our 4wellness program as the healthy cancer prevention lifestyle change (Randomized Controlled Trial for the Hormone Manipulation Treatment Arms, Otherwise an Observational Trial)


B12 and B6 levels in those newly diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer at entry point, 6 and 12 months Stratified regarding supplement and doses of B6 and B12 with symptoms outcomes also reported. (Observational Trial)


Recording Caloric reduction and weight loss metrics for those diagnosed with stage I, in situ cancer, high grade dysplasia or breast cancer patients with atypical hyperplasia +/- risk reduction agents for that subset as well as those with family history of the more common familial related cancers, not on immunosuppression or having germline mutations seen in the common familial cancers. (common familial cancers included prostate, breast, colon, rectal, pancreatic, ovarian and uterine cancers)


Physical Activity Trial in Breast Cancer Survivors

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