Quality cancer care requires more than an excellent medical team. It requires a determination to actively manage stress through techniques which can focus your thoughts and your feelings in a healthy direction.

The oncology community has established that what we feel and what we think impacts a cancer survivor’s quality of life and mortality rates. In addition, studies have also shown the effectiveness of stress management techniques including exercise, yoga, meditation, faith activities, peer to peer connections, support groups, and more.

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Author, Counselor, & Speaker for Cancer Mindset

Karen Tripp

Author, speaker and counselor Karen Tripp MS LMFT is delighted to be part of the 4CancerWellness team, and we are delighted to have her. In addition to curating the Cornerstone of Mindset, she is the Executive Director of Cancer Companions, a ministry that trains volunteers to facilitate Christian cancer ministries. Her roles have included author of Christian books including God is Bigger Than Your Cancer, a daughter of a colon cancer survivor, and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Karen has used her experience to teach how to step into another person’s struggle to help build their faith while strengthening your own.

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