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SafeVite The Cancer Vitamin

A daily multivitamin supporting wellness during and after cancer treatment. Formulated by cancer doctors carefully considering the appropriate vitamins and doses.

Why SafeVite?

  • Research-based & backed by science
  • Addresses vitamin deficiency unique to cancer patients
  • Avoids ingredients that are known to interfere with cancer treatment
  • Considers appropriate doses
  • Non-carcinogenic (not cancer causing)
  • Holistic-based & all-natural

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90 day supply!
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SafeVite FAQs

Any person diagnosed with cancer in and/or after treatment.

SafeVite recommends continuous use in order to maximize lifelong benefits.

Using the most current references and studies, our research team has focused on vitamins that can be safely recommended for all cancer patients.

Examples are:

  • D deficiency is widespread and frequently seen in patients receiving cancer treatments including colon and breast cancer patients.
  • B6 (pyridoxine) — Likely protects or mitigates the nerve damage by chemotherapeutic agents and possibly targeted agents that are often used to treat lymphoma, breast, colon, lung, sarcoma and myeloma (and other cancers). B6 is associated with lower risk of hormone positive breast cancer and likely helpful in colon and pancreatic cancer.
  • B12 is deficient in many types of cancer including breast cancer and multiple myeloma. B12 deficiency often results from deficiency of the protein intrinsic factor produced by the parietal cell in the stomach and thus frequently present in cancer patients and likely requires a very high dose in order to be absorbed by passive diffusion. B12 based on homocysteine alterations likely mitigates bone turnover and bone fracture risk.

Based on the most credible research available, Safevite’s Cancer specialists have concluded that it is appropriate to avoid some vitamins from use in order to maximize your body’s fight against Cancer.

  • Calcium – One out of every four cancer patients will have significantly elevated calcium levels at some time in their life. Although calcium may be necessary for certain patients (like those on bone strengthening agents) it is best to avoid added calcium until confirmed with your doctor what amounts are appropriate.
  • Zinc – Though Zinc can specifically help with taste alterations due to radiation damage in oral cavity; it could mitigate the curative effects of this treatment. This is currently still being studied. For now likely best to avoid since its known benefits are limited to this specific situation and it definitely leads to copper deficiency.
  • E & A – Vitamins E and A, beta-carotene and selenium definitely interfere with potentially curative chemotherapy and radiation treatments while surprisingly seem to not be helpful in cancer prevention or possibly harmful in the development of cancers like lung cancer or prostate cancer.

The Research Team

Developed by leading Oncologists and cancer integrated Pharmacists, the 4CancerWellness team has joined together with an open minded and focused vision to improve the wellness of patients lives beyond diagnosis and treatment.

There is a problem! Supplemental vitamin needs are not being addressed with most cancer patients.

Doctors are focused on treating and curing cancer but often do not address what vitamins you can safely take across the cancer spectrum.

At the same time, Doctors, Research Scientists and Nutritionists almost always agree that cancer and cancer treatment can place a nutritional and vitamin toll on the body. There is however considerable debate as to which vitamins and doses are appropriate in providing a daily multivitamin that also does not interfere with treatment and potential outcome.

SafeVite has been formulated to solve the problem by addressing patient vitamin needs across the spectrum and putting it into one daily multivitamin SAFE for cancer patients.