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4 Types of Breast Cancer Support You Need

Breast Cancer Support

Family and friends can be wonderful support when we go through struggles. Breast cancer is no exception. Many Breast Cancer Survivors benefit from the gentle care of those around us. Yet to receive quality breast cancer support, most survivors need more.

4 Types of Cancer Support You Should Seek…

1) Support from Your Medical Team

It’s wonderful when a cancer patient feels a connection with their oncologists.  For when this does not occur, seek out someone else in the office to connect with – A nurse? Physician assistant? Office Administrator? This additional connection is also helpful since these other medical team members are typically easier to reach than the doctor when you have a question.

2) Support from Someone Who’s Been There

A person with a similar diagnosis Although all cancer patients have very different experiences, it can be comforting to speak with someone who has been in the same place you now stand.  Here are some suggestions of organizations to contact to get connected.

3) Support from a Faith Perspective

Facing serious illnesses often draws patients to consider reaching out to faith leaders or organizations.  Reasons cancer patients seek spiritual support includes:

  • To reconnect with a comfort from their youth.
  • To ask questions the diagnosis or prognosis has raised.
  • To find local assistance or referrals.
  • To continue an existing supportive connection.

Here is a list of places to find a faith organization near you

Interfaith Prayers:

Find a Christian Church:

Find a Muslim Mosque:

Find a Jewish Synagogue:

Find a Hindu Temple:

These are faith-based organizations focused on cancer





Between the fatigue, chaos and frustration, cancer can bring plenty of reasons to NOT seek out these additional means of support.  But do it anyway.  This support is a wonderful way to manage the fatigue, chaos and frustration of cancer.

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By Karen Tripp MS LMFT

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